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Book Review: Life of a Song

I recently had the chance to read Life of a Song: The fascinating stories behind 50 of the worlds best-loved songs. It’s a concise collection of fifty Life of a Song articles from the Financial Times. As I rarely have … Continue reading

22. January 2018 by evan
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Other Music of 2017

On I did my year-end roundup of the best EDM of 2017. Like any of these lists, it’s a very opinionated list. In this post I want to mention a few other albums I really liked that didn’t make … Continue reading

01. January 2018 by evan
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I love Pandora, but where is the discovery?

I have been a loyal Pandora subscriber since the month they started offering subscriptions. I love the service. I will continue subscribing forever, even if it’s only to keep my perfectly tuned Christmas music station. But Pandora is not serving … Continue reading

11. December 2016 by evan
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