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Make Explosive Soundscapes with Circular Sound

I’ve just finished work on a new musical instrument for Android devices. It’s called Circular Sound, and it’s aimed at people who like noise. Circular Sound is similar to my other recent mobile instruments in that it combines a sampler … Continue reading

25. July 2015 by evan
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Transient by Evan X. Merz

09. January 2013 by evan
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Cannot Connect for Solo Laptop Performer

“Cannot Connect” is a problem for both computers and for people. When dealing with technology, we receive this message when we try to use something new. For people, this can be a problem in every sort of relationship. The keyboard … Continue reading

15. October 2011 by evan
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Becoming Live – A Swarm-Controlled Sampler

Becoming is an algorithmic composition program written in java, that builds upon some of John Cage’s frequently employed compositional processes. Cage often used the idea of a “gamut” in his compositions. A gamut could be a collection of musical fragments, … Continue reading

13. June 2010 by evan
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