STEAM for Kids Week 2: Across the River

In our first session, we build bridges to help the kids across The Austen Gorge. This week, we are building boats to get them across Tolkein River. Once again we will learn a little bit about boats in history then construct our own boats out of paper. Finally, we will test them in the water to discover how well they perform.

Here are the resources to help you run this activity at home with your kids.

STEAM for Kids Week 2 Coloring Page

STEAM for Kids Week 2 Instructions

STEAM for Kids Week 1: Across the Gorge

If you are coming here from the online STEAM program I am running through Willow Glen Public Library, then you may be looking for the extra documents from week 1. This includes a coloring page for kids to make their own paper puppets of Fred and Marian, and the first part of the treasure map. It also includes instructions for parents who want to pursue this activity at another time.

I know we’re all struggling to find educational opportunities at this time. I hope this helps.

There’s a long waiting list for the classes we’re running, and we hope to run more sessions to open them up to more people.

STEAM for Kids Week 1 Coloring Page

STEAM for Kids Week 1 Instructions

Also, for older kids, here are some documents to help parents talk about the physics of bridges.

Forces acting on different types of bridges

BUILDING BIG: Bridge Basics

Remaking Cool Music, Rebooting a Blog

I spent the weekend remaking the theme from the Netflix show The White Rabbit Project. It’s a pretty rocking little theme. I really admire any composer who can write a good piece of music that lasts only thirty seconds, and the composer of the original theme certainly succeeded in that respect.

In that blog post, I included the drum presets, synth presets, and audio files used in the remake.

So why didn’t I post that here? In short, I am trying to revive my defunct blog. I was pretty hardcore about blogging for about six years, from around 2007 to 2013, but since then I have let it slip. Social media seemed to take over and make blogs irrelevant.

Or at least it felt like my efforts were wasted three years ago.

Now I feel like I have more to say about computer music, and I feel like mass social media, where everyone is lumped together into one big mass, aka Twitter and Facebook, is dying. I feel like the flaws in it are apparent.

So maybe blogs are both the past and the future? Or maybe the future is something we can’t see yet? Either way, I am rebooting