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When Code Duplication is not Code Duplication

Duplicating code is a bad thing. Any engineer worth his salt knows that the more you repeat yourself, the more difficult it will be to…

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How Can Comments be Controversial?

Comments add information to your code. They don’t impact the execution of that code. So how can they be bad? I believe that more commenting…

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Why are Side Effects Bad?

Side effects are any observable change to the state of an object. Some people might qualify this by saying that side effects are implicit or…

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Sound Synthesis in Java

Cover of Sound Synthesis in Java by Evan X. Merz Sound Synthesis in Java introduces sound synthesis concepts using the most widely taught…

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Swarm Intelligence in Music in The Signal Culture Cookbook

The Signal Culture Group just published The Signal Culture Cookbook. I contributed a chapter titled “The Mapping Problem”, which deals with…

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