Read “Sound Synthesis in Java” Today

I’ve spent the last several months working on a new book about programming synthesizers in Java. The book is finally finished and available to read on my site, and available for purchase in Kindle format on

Sound Synthesis in Java Cover Image

The book has two parts. The first part is 11 chapters long and introduces basic synthesis concepts like unit generators, envelopes, filters, additive synthesis, and modulation synthesis. The later chapters deal with slightly more complex issues around granular synthesis and rendering output. The second part of the book is a list of demo projects where I show readers how to build some of the features found in popular hardware synthesizers, such as an arpeggiator.

To some degree this book is a follow up to my previous book, Sonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial, but it differs in several key ways. First, the new book is written in Java, not Processing, so it is aimed at a slightly more technical audience. But I’ve also included more introductory material, so there is material to help along newbies as well. Second, the book is more focused on building popular music synthesizers. There is a chapter about connecting up a MIDI keyboard, and the examples focus on instrumental, tonal sounds, rather than abstract sound mangling. Third, this book is focused more on synthesis techniques than on the Beads Library in general. So each chapter teaches one specific concept related to general purpose sound synthesis techniques.