Easy Transcriptions of Frozen II Songs Into the Unknown and Some Things Never Change

As I write this, the official sheet music for Frozen II is not yet available, but my daughters want to sing songs from Frozen II in their upcoming recital. So I transcribed their choices into a format that is easy for a single vocalist, and easy for me to play. I am sharing them here just in case this helps anyone else.


  • I did not transcribe the melodies. I play those by ear where necessary.
  • I removed key changes.
  • I transposed Into the Unknown down 3 half-steps to C-minor. It’s still very high.
  • I removed the interludes for other characters and for the chorus.
  • I don’t know if I got the modulation-heavy outro to Into the Unknown quite right in a different key, but it’s pretty close.

Into the Unknown: Frozen2_IntoTheUnknown

Some Things Never Change: Frozen2_SomeThingsNeverChange