We all get ghosted sometimes

Collaboration is a struggle. Often, even when someone says that they want to work together, they may not really know what they want. Even if they do produce something, you may not like it, or they may not like what you do.

This remix is one such example. I saw a Reddit post seeking remixes on a nice original electronic track by an artist named Informal. I downloaded the stems and played some keyboards under them. Then I sent the mix to my buddy Drizztopher Walken and he laid down some vocals.

I sent it back to the original artist and… nothing. Ghosted.

Oh well. It happens more often than I’d like to admit. And if I’m honest, I sometimes have to do it with other people too. I’ve never ghosted anyone, but I have politely told them that our track wasn’t working out. I had to tell them that I had too much going on to keep investing in a collaboration that I knew wasn’t going to work out for me.

It sucks to be on both ends of that transaction, but as an avid collaborator who has worked with hundreds of artists, I know that it happens. I still like the track that we produced, even if the original artist didn’t like it.