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Ad Hoc Artificial Intelligence in Algorithmic Music Composition

On October 4, I will be presenting at the 3rd Annual Workshop on Musical Metacreation. I will be presenting a paper on the ways that AI…

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Disconnected, Algorithmic Sound Collages from Web API

I’m pleased to announce the release of Disconnected, an album of algorithmic sound collages generated by pulling sounds from the web. I…

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The End of My Career at SoundWalk Long Beach This Weekend

This week Erin and I will be down in Long Beach to participate in SoundWalk 2013. The End of My Career will be played at one of the…

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Creativity in Algorithmic Music

Published in Hz Journal #18. In this essay I am going to review the topic of creativity in algorithmic music [1], focusing on three…

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Machine Song 1 at CSUF New Music Festival

Shortly, Machine Song 1 will be performed at the CSUF New Music Festival 2013.

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