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Two Duets Composed by Cellular Automata

In the past few days I’ve completed several programs that compose rather nice notated music using cellular automata. Yesterday I posted seven solos generated by cellular automata. Today I am following up with two duets. Like the solos, these pieces … Continue reading

14. February 2015 by evan
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Swarm Intelligence in Music in The Signal Culture Cookbook

The Signal Culture Group just published The Signal Culture Cookbook. I contributed a chapter titled “The Mapping Problem”, which deals with issues surrounding swarm intelligence in music and the arts. Swarm intelligence is a naturally non-human mode of intelligent behavior, … Continue reading

02. November 2014 by evan
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Disconnected, Algorithmic Sound Collages from Web API

I’m pleased to announce the release of Disconnected, and album of algorithmic sound collages generated by pulling sounds from the web. I prefer to call this album semi-algorithmic because some of the music is purely software-generated, while other pieces are … Continue reading

07. March 2014 by evan
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