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When I'm feeling down...

Sometimes when I'm feeling bad about myself I remember that someone spent the time to rip and upload the music I wrote for a flash game…

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Composing with All Sound

I sometimes get asked about my dissertation, so I wanted to write a blog post to explain it. In this post, I describe the work I did for my…

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How to render synchronous audio and video in Processing in 2021

About a decade ago I wrote a blog post about rendering synchronous audio and video in processing. I posted it on my now-defunct blog…

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Glitching Images in Processing

This summer I’m going to release a new album of solo electronic music that is heavily influenced by EDM and classic rock. For the past few…

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Drowning in 2020

31 December, 2020,  Evan X. Merz

The cover for Drowning by FYNIX What a year. I remember the year we had our second child, Leta. That was a difficult year. Having a two year…

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