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Learning to Talk About Inaccuracy for a New Data Engineer

About a month ago, the engineering team at Mighty Networks was impacted by China’s now-defunct one child policy. A parent of our data engineer was having health problems. Because there were no other children to help out, he was forced … Continue reading

12. November 2017 by evan
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When Code Duplication is not Code Duplication

Duplicating code is a bad thing. Any engineer worth his salt knows that the more you repeat yourself, the more difficult it will be to maintain your code. We’ve enshrined this in a well-known principle called the DRY principle, where … Continue reading

15. March 2017 by evan
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How Can Comments be Controversial?

Comments add information to your code. They don’t impact the execution of that code. So how can they be bad? I believe that more commenting is better, and that comments are a vital tool in maintaining an agile codebase, but … Continue reading

16. January 2016 by evan
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Why are Side Effects Bad?

Side effects are any observable change to the state of an object. Some people might qualify this by saying that side effects are implicit or unintended changes to state. Mutator methods, or setters, which are designed to change the state … Continue reading

23. December 2015 by evan
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