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Bay Area Oktoberfest Events Calendar 2023

Well, the 2023 Oktoberfest season for the Bay Area is as packed as ever. This year I decided I wanted to attend as many Oktoberfest events as I had the stomach for. So I did what any self-respecting beer nerd would do: I made a calendar, then I made a schedule. Here's the result of my labors. If you see me at these events, please come lift a glass with me!

2023 Bay Area Oktoberfest Calendar

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Evan X. Merz

Evan X. Merz holds degrees in computer science and music from The University of Rochester, Northern Illinois University, and University of California at Santa Cruz. He works as a programmer at a tech company in Silicon Valley. In his free time, he is a programmer, musician, and author. He makes his online home at evanxmerz.com and he only writes about himself in third person in this stupid blurb.