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I am a programmer, musician, art collector, and reader who proudly lives and works in Silicon Valley. I completed my doctorate in 2013 at The University of California at Santa Cruz. I completed my masters in 2010 at Northern Illinois University. Currently, I work for a large bay area tech company in social media. I formerly worked in ecommerce, social media, games, education, maps, and funeral home software, if you can believe that. In the mid 2000s, I worked as a pianist and composer, and I played in a mediocre bar band in Pittsburgh called Six Feet Under Sound. From 2013-2015 I worked as a lecturer at San Jose State University in the Department of Computer Science, where I enjoyed teaching computer science fundamentals and introducing students to Java. I spend my weekends painting, playing the piano, making apps, and writing blog posts about all the things I love.


If you're looking for my books about sound synthesis in Java or Processing, you can find them here.

And here is a smattering of my other publications.


If you're looking for my music, you can find it in a few places.

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