FYNIX is Drowning in December

I think it’s time for a new collection of solo music from my pop/EDM/hiphop alias, FYNIX. The new EP is called FYNIX is Drowning, and it’s all music that I’ve written during 2020. As you can imagine, it’s a little darker than my usual stuff. I just released the first track on SoundCloud.

Jazz from California

Jazz isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of, when you think of California. You might think of surfing, Dick Dale, the Golden Gate Bridge, or Hollywood. But California has a rich history in Jazz.

Don’t forget that California made Benny Goodman a star, and made swing music into popular music. After the war, dozens of amazing soloists were made in California, including Dexter Gordon, Lester Young, Art Pepper, and Eric Dolphy. Household names like Dick Brubeck, Stan Getz, and Cal Tjader all started their careers in California.

I put together this playlist to celebrate the great jazzers from CA. Listen to the end to catch some more modern artists who stand tall with the rest of these greats.

We all get ghosted sometimes

Collaboration is a struggle. Often, even when someone says that they want to work together, they may not really know what they want. Even if they do produce something, you may not like it, or they may not like what you do.

This remix is one such example. I saw a Reddit post seeking remixes on a nice original electronic track by an artist named Informal. I downloaded the stems and played some keyboards under them. Then I sent the mix to my buddy Drizztopher Walken and he laid down some vocals.

I sent it back to the original artist and… nothing. Ghosted.

Oh well. It happens more often than I’d like to admit. And if I’m honest, I sometimes have to do it with other people too. I’ve never ghosted anyone, but I have politely told them that our track wasn’t working out. I had to tell them that I had too much going on to keep investing in a collaboration that I knew wasn’t going to work out for me.

It sucks to be on both ends of that transaction, but as an avid collaborator who has worked with hundreds of artists, I know that it happens. I still like the track that we produced, even if the original artist didn’t like it.

Prayer of the Desert by Pete Martinez

Due to the air quality, they closed the pool this weekend, so Erin and I didn’t know what to do with the girls. It occurred to us that we’ve never really taken them out to weekend yard sales before. So we looked up a few local yard sales and drove around to each one.

At the Eagles Club rummage sale, I found a storage container full of power tools on one side, and stacks upon stacks of framed prints on the other side. In my head I said, “I bet if I sort through all of this, I will find one piece that is worth taking home.”

And boy was I right. Buried under empty frames, and some nice decorative pieces, I found this beautiful Pete Martinez etching.

I didn’t know Pete Martinez off the top of my head, but when I saw the etching I knew it was better than all the other stuff in the storage container. It had a reasonable price of $125 on it, but they were selling everything for 75% of, so I got it for a cool $31.

Pete Martinez aka Pedro Pablo Martinez

Pete Martinez was actually Pedro Pablo Martinez. He was born in California in 1894, and he worked as a cowboy, ranch hand, and show rider for much of his life. He made his living driving cattle in the summer and creating art in the winter. He fought in the first world war, and retired to his own ranch in later life.

Agent 13: The Midnight Avenger

Today I am reading Agent 13: The Midnight Avenger. This book is a bonkers amalgamation of Indiana Jones and James Bond turned up to 11. The disguises and gadgets are completely over the top. In one scene he disguises himself as Christ on the cross in order to steal the disguise of a Nazi who is attending a secret meeting, during which he pulls out a gas mask and a weird gas gun. I’d love to know where he was hiding the gas mask while he was disguised as Jesus.

Of course he manages to get the girl, in fact he manages to get two of them. And there is the obligatory dog fight with a zeppelin. All this in around 75 pages.