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How to set up stable diffusion on Windows

In this post, I'm going to show you how you can generate images using the stable diffusion model on a Windows computer. How to set up stable…

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Initial Experiments with Make-a-Scene by Meta

Last week Meta announced their entry into the field of artifical intelligence image generation. Their new tool is called Make-a-Scene and it…

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Why I Created QuizMana.com

When I was teaching at UCSC and SJSU, I taught very large courses, often consisting of over 200 students. Courses that size create lots of…

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Two Duets Composed by Cellular Automata

In the past few days I’ve completed several programs that compose rather nice notated music using cellular automata. Yesterday I posted…

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Seven Solos Composed by Cellular Automata

I’ve collected several pieces composed using cellular automata into one package. This collection of seven solos for any instrument was…

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