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Project: Personal web page

This post contains the first assignment in my free web programming course.

Project: Personal web page

Now that you know a little html and css, you should be able to produce some simple web pages. In this assignment, I want you to create a web page about yourself. It should be pretty similar in content to my about-me page on my website, but it should be about you and the things you like.

Here's what it must contain.

  1. A title that says your name and is styled like a title.
  2. A picture of you or something you like.
  3. A short paragraph of at least three sentences. You can use Lorem Ipsum if you can't write three sentences about yourself.
  4. A quote you like that is styled like a quotation. Usually quotes are indented more and displayed in italics.
  5. At least three links to things you've done or things you like. Use html lists to show these.