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To the Towers and the Satellites

Here's a video of a recent performance of one of my pieces called To the Towers and the Satellites. Music composed by Evan X. Merz. Sculpture and Stage by Sudhu Tewari. Movement by Nuria Bowart and Shira Yaziv.

Buy Transient on Bandcamp

I'm so pleased to announce the release of a new album of experimental electronic music called Transient.

Transient is a set of music that I wrote in the summer I moved from Chicago to San Jose. At the time, I was experimenting with custom algorithmic audio slicing and glitching software, and you can hear this on many of the tracks.

Mailbox and A Handwritten Letter to the World Wide Web at Cyborgs Post Human Culture show in Kamloops, BC

Shortly, two of my pieces will be performed at Cyborgs Posthuman Culture Show in Kamloops, BC.

Machine Song 1 at CSUF New Music Festival

Shortly, Machine Song 1 will be performed at the CSUF New Music Festival 2013.

The End of My Career at SoundWalk Long Beach This Weekend

This week Erin and I will be down in Long Beach to participate in SoundWalk 2013. The End of My Career will be played at one of the locations.